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Use Remote Server Administration Tools RSAT on Windows 7 SP1

Last week I discovered that RSAT cannot be installed on Windows 7 SP1 because of some stupid install check.
When you want to use the RSAT you can accomplish this using the following procedure:

Download RSAT here.

* Unpack the .MSU with 7zip or another unzip utility to let’s say c:\TEMP\RSAT.
* use the package manager for the install:

pkgmgr.exe /n:%temp%\RSAT\Windows6.1-KB958830-x64.xml

* Now watch the taskmanager the process pkgmgr.exe until it automatically closes (this will take several minutes).
* Go to the control panel and in Programs and Windows Features you can add the desired feature you want.

Note: when you’ve got RSAT installed on your computer prior installing Windows 7 SP1, then RSAT will already be available and you don’t need this workaround.